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Autotaps manufacturer's warranty.

Product Care & Maintenance

Autotaps Maintenance
Maintaining and prolonging the life of your sensor tap products.

Things to consider when buying a sensor tap
Known issues and useful tips on things to consider when buying sensor taps.

What is a control box?
A control box (included in most sensor tap package i.e. ATX-Series, ATS-Series, ATO-Series) is a square box which sits or mounted underneath the sink as part of a typical sensor electronic tap installation process. Most of our sensor tap ranges come with a control box, except our ATT Series range.

Parts and Accessories
All automatic tap replacement parts and accessories.

How sensor automatic taps works?
Diagram and explanation on how automatic tap works?

How thermostatic valve works?
Diagram and explanation on how a thermostatic mixer valve works?

Step-by-step Guide: Non-visual
A step by step guide to sensor tap installation.

Automatic Sanitary ware Products
List of our sanitary ware products

Counter top mixer valve
Counter top mixer valve

FAQ Centre
All questions answered here. General questions, products and technical questions are answered.

Installation Procedure

TMV- Thermostatic mixer valve Installation
General installation procedure for thermostatic mixer valve.

Typical sensor taps installation
Non-visual installation procedures of sensor tap

After-care Support
Quick installation link to our sensor taps models


Benefit of Automatic Taps

Sensor taps: Facts and Charts
See charts comparison of automatic taps versus manual/conventional taps.

Benefits of electronic taps
Benefits of Autotaps

Water Conservation Tips
Water conservation tips.

Water Conservation Initiatives
Water conservation initiatives.

Facts and Charts
See charts comparison of automatic taps versus manual/conventional taps.

Electronic tap vs Manual tap
View side by side comparison here

About Infrared Technology

Why Autotaps?
Why choose a sensor automatic tap

What is infrared technology?
What is infrared technology?

Types of activation technology
Different types of automatic activation technology

Why electronic 'hands free' taps?
Why choose electronic taps?

Water saving taps
Water saving sensor taps.


All sensor tap products
View all our electronic sensor tap products here.

Self Powered Sensor Taps
Self powered sensor taps.

Waterfall taps
Wide varieties of waterfall taps

Which sensor tap is right for me?
A quick reference tables to help you decide

Starleon Glass Basin
Starleon glass basin with waterfall effect tap.

Sensor Kit
Autotaps DIY sensor kit for manual/conventional taps

Sensor Remote Control
sensor tap remote control