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ROS Series ATV Series ASK Series ROSENSA Hand Dryer Auto Bidet
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AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
AMA Series

Top of the range 2-in-1 sensor taps with fully automated and manual activation. These sensor taps can be activated automatically or manually controlled by hand. These are common with domestic or office applications where manual activation may be needed.

ATX Series Tall eletronic sensor taps
ATX Series

Collection of tall sensor taps with front or spout-integrated infra red sensors. They comprises of stylish goose-neck and pillar designs and they are mostly deck-mounted. These IR taps are common with washbowl applications.

ATS Series Sensor Taps
ATS Series

Standard entry-level sensor taps. These are small to medium-sized heavy-duty infra red sensor taps, which are commercially graded for public applications i.e. schools, offices, restaurants, restrooms/wetrooms, public toilets etc.


ATW Series Wall mounted sensor taps
ATW Series

These are single supply wall-mounted sensor taps with spout-integrated or under-mount infra red sensor activation.

ROS Series Sensor Taps
ROS Series

Supreme Elegance in its design and structure. These Ralph O'Wallaby designer sensor taps have unique waterfall-effect spout that gives a classy and one-of-a-kind water delivery whilst saving water.

ASK Series DIY Sensor Kit
ASK Series (DIY Sensor Kit)

ASK DIY sensor kits can be used to convert any manual tap into a 'no touch' sensor activation tap. Choose a manual tap of your choice and Autotaps will provide the sensor activation kit.


ATT Series
ATT Series

These heavy-duty sensor taps have double (hot and cold) water supplies with temperature blending control lever.

The temperature control lever only uses blending valve to control the temperature manually and does not contain any built-in thermostatic.

ATO Series
ATO Series

These ATO Series sensor taps have standard infra red activation technology but with an extra manual ON/OFF button for added convenience.

These sensor taps can be activated automatically or by a 'touch' button to dispense water for a longer period, which is particularly useful when doing chores that requires longer water-running time.

Sensor holders
Sensor Holders

Wall and Deck-mounted automatic sensor holders for taps activation. Automatic activation for ASK-Series products.

automatic sensor soap dispenser tap
Automatic Soap DispenseR Tap

Automatic sensor activated soap dispenser tap suitable for any commercial washroom projects or applications.


automatc bidet
Automatic Bidet/Toilet
Automatic bidet/toilet system, with its innovative and hygienic cleaning solution for toilets without the use of tissues or wet wipes. Touchless and ‘hands-free’ auto bidet that promotes a more hygienic cleansing solution.



Rosensa is the latest brand that offers high quality taps and also other home products for kitchen and bathroom applications.



Sensor Shower Kit
Sensor Shower Kit

This sensor shower kit can use in conjunction with a standard shower setup. This sensor shower kit sits or installed between the shower head and the temperature control.

automatic urinal and toilet flusher
Automatic Toilet/urinal Flusher

These are Autotaps new automatic urinal and toilet flusher with LED manual 'touch' override capacitive panel for convenience and versatility.


ATV Series Thermostatic Valves
ATV SerieS (Thermostatic Valves)

Autotaps thermostatic valves have built-in thermostats which maintains temperature by adjusting the flow of each hot and cold supply automatically.


Water Saving Aerators
Water Saving Aerators

These are aerators with pressure compensating flow regulators. With standard aerators the flow rate goes up as the pressure increases. Theese pressure-compensating flow regulators produces – by means of an o-ring, a constant flow rate regardless of pressure fluctuations.

Sensor taps parts and Accessories
Parts & Accessories

Collection of part and accessories for Autotaps products. Most of these accessories are only compatible with Autotaps branded products only.

Starleon Glass Basins
Starleon Glass Basins

These are handmade colourful glass basins with manual waterfall taps. The uniqueness of these designs adds a touch of class and beauty to any environment.









Auto Tissue Dispenser

Automatic Toilet roll Dispensers
These are Autotaps new automatic kitchen and toilet roll dispensers with one-touch activation, easy to use, UV light sterilization technology. Ideal for homes and commercial applications



Manual Soap Dispensers
Manual Soap Dispensers

These manual soap dispensers can be installed on the wall or deck-mounted with its reservoir hidden under the sink.

automatic 'super fast' sensor hand dryer

Automatic Hand Dryer
Super fast automatic sensor hand dryer with LED mood lamp suitable for any commercial washroom projects or applications.












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