• Infrared technology

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology and its impact

One technology has had the biggest impact: the infrared sensor. Infrared sensors allow public restroom fixture to operate without the user's ever touching a button, tap or handle. They have been solid performers, and builders installed them in restrooms of an estimated 15 to 20 percent of new commercial buildings. That figure has now risen to 30 to 40 percent, depending on the estimate.

Autotaps Products and Infrared technology

Inside Autotaps electronic taps, infrared light is emitted outward, reflecting off the user and bouncing back to a receiver. The computer circuitry coordinates the information and initiates the appropriate response.

Operating cost of infrared taps

Infrared Taps In terms of operating costs, infrared sensors are as essential as the plumbing fixtures they're attached to. They save water, primarily by eliminating the "run on" that occurs when aging or overused manual taps or valves fail to close completely.

Water usageThey can also be set to use less water per rinse or flush than manual fixtures. And they don't allow someone to leave a tap on and walk away. Sanitation Increased sanitation is often overlooked as a cost benefit, certainly with flush valves. But when users neglect to flush, the sensor makes sure the job still gets done.

That helps eliminate odour, It can also reduce housekeeping costs because the facilities stay cleaner. In large settings like schools or airports, that savings can be enormous.

Sensory-operated fittings are also more user friendly, especially for disabled people. Because of their value in reducing housekeeping costs and improving sanitation, most products that include sensor technology or time-release valve have greater advantages over conventional manual taps.

How infrared technology works?

When an object i.e. hands come into range of the infrared sensor’s detection zone, the valve is activated. After the user removes their hands, the valve closes. The circuit of Autotaps resets automatically for the next user.

Autotaps infrared Series provide the user water only when needed, resulting in reduced water usage and maintenance costs. Autotap Infrared Surround Sensors continuously scan the detection zone around the tap.