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Electronic tap

All our electronic taps incorporate several heavy-duty commercial features, such as solid cast brass components, anti-rotational fittings and flexible stainless steel supply hoses. Our automatic electronic taps feature water conservation of around 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM) with vandal-resistant body structure. Most of our electronic taps have flow regulators that limits water flow to around 5.7 Ltr/min. Saving Water and Savinbg Money, with reliable water conservation for any commercial or domestic projects.

Autotaps™ are electronically activated using state-of-the-art infrared sensor technology. We always ensure that we capture today’s design styles and trends.

Autotaps™ new AMA Series possesses ‘short’ and ‘high’ design construction styles, with innovative manual and electronic activation features that makes these taps very versatile in any environment.

ATW-Series: Wall-mounted electronic taps

AMA-Series: 2-in-1 Manual and Automatic sensor electronic taps

ATV-Series: Thermostatic mixer valves

ATS-Series: Standard and small infra red activation sensor electronic taps

ATT-Series: Fully automated Sensor Electronic Taps with temperature control

: Electronic sensor taps with manual override button

ATX-Series: Tall automatic Electronic Infrared Taps

ROS-Series: Ralph O'Wallaby designer sensor electronic taps


Autotaps™ Electronic Tap Series

AMA Series 2-in-1 Sensor Taps
AMA Series

Top of the range 2-in-1 electronic taps with fully automated and manual activation. These sensor taps can be activated automatically or manually controlled by hand. These are common with domestic or office applications where manual activation may be needed.

ATX Series Tall eletronic sensor taps
ATX Series

Collection of tall electronic sensor taps with front or spout-integrated infra red sensors. They comprises of stylish goose-neck and pillar designs and they are mostly deck-mounted. These IR taps are common with washbowl applications.

ATS Series Sensor Taps
ATS Series

Standard entry-level electronic taps. These are small to medium-sized heavy-duty infrared electronic taps, which are commercially graded for public applications i.e. schools, offices, restaurants, restrooms/wetrooms, public toilets etc.

ATW Series Wall mounted sensor taps
ATW Series

These are single supply wall-mounted electronic taps with spout-integrated or under-mount infra red sensor activation.

ROS Series Sensor Taps
ROS Series

Supreme Elegance in its design and structure. These Ralph O'Wallaby designer electronic taps have unique waterfall-effect spout that gives a classy and one-of-a-kind water delivery whilst saving water.

ASK Series DIY Sensor Kit
ASK Series (DIY Sensor Kit)

ASK DIY sensor tap kits can be used to convert any manual tap into a 'no touch' sensor activation tap. Choose a manual tap of your choice and Autotaps™ will provide the electronic sensor activation kit.

ATT Series
ATT Series

These heavy-duty sensor electronic taps have double (hot and cold) water supplies with temperature blending control lever.

The temperature control lever only uses blending valve to control the temperature manually and does not contain any built-in thermostatic.

ATO Series
ATO Series

These ATO Series electronic taps have standard infra red activation technology but with an extra manual ON/OFF button for added convenience.

These electronic sensor taps can be activated automatically or by a touch button to dispense water for a long period, which is particularly useful when washing plates/vegetables or filling up a kettle.

Sensor holders
Sensor Holders

Wall and deck-mounted automatic sensor holders for taps activation. Automatic activation for ASK-Series products.





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