• Introduction

    Autotaps Limited is located in Croydon, Greater London, and we are one of UK's leading manufacturers of innovative and inventive automatic infrared sensor tap products for commercial and domestic applications. Our ultimate goal is the continuation of creating superior products, customer satisfaction, after-sales support and Research & Development. 

    Autotaps™ designs, manufacturers and markets infrared electronic taps, DIY automatic tap adaptors, automatic urinal flushers, automatic shower products and accessories. Our R&D Department are on constant search for new innovative and inventive technology. We value our customer from point-of-sale to product support phase.

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  • The Sensor Market

    Automatic or electronic sensor activated taps have been in restrooms in airports, hotels, and other public places for years. Autotaps™ is making it possible to have a low cost option in homes or offices. Upgrading to sensor taps from a manual tap has enormous benefits and advantages over conventional taps.


  • Our Capability

    Autotaps Limited have designed, and manufactured commercial-graded solid brass taps, and we are today's leading supplier of electronic sensor taps and accessories. We are capable of supplying Commercial Sectors, Industrial and Domestic Applications, Healthcare Centres, Recreation Centres, Education, Restaurants, Government Projects and other markets worldwide.


  • Quality

    Autotaps™ incorporate heavy-duty solid brass outer-shell construction. Our sensor taps are commercial-graded such as solid-cast brass components, anti-vandal shell, chrome-plated finish and flexible supply hoses. All our electronic taps are CE Certified with 36-month Warranty on all products. Our electronic taps features water conservation of around 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM) with vandal-resistant body structure.

  • Guarantee

    The cost of the manufacturer's warranty is included in the purchase price. Autotaps promises to stand by its product and asserts that the manner in which the sensor taps was made and the materials used to make them are free from defects. This Warranty is a guarantee that Autotaps will make any necessary repairs due to defective materials used or improper manufacturing, at no extra charge to the buyer. Read more

  • The Technology

    Our taps are electronically activated using state-of-the-art infrared sensor activation technology. With our wide range of designs, we always ensure that we capture today’s design styles and trends to match any commercial or domestic project.


  • CE Certification

    All our products are CE Certified. Our sensor automatic taps have gone through rigorous testing from the ground up. Autotaps is safe, reliable and they have stable technology at its core which provides the very best in water dispensing and water conversation solution.


  • Customer Service

    We view our customers as our most important assets. Through our integrity, our search for innovative products, and our excellent customer service, we aim to create an excellent service and products. We value our customer from point-of-sale to product support phase.

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