• Solid Brass | Outer-shell Construction

    All Autotaps Series are well constructed featuring heavy-duty commercial features such as solid cast brass components, anti-rotational trim plates, stainless steel anti-eroding finish and flexible supply hoses. All our taps have vandal-resistant aerators and are electronically activated using IR technology (Infrared) activation.

    Versatile and Suitability

    We have electronic taps which are versatile; can be powered by batteries or electric or both. Some of our sensor taps have temperature adjustment controls, which allow the temperature to be manually adjusted according to user's preference.

    All our automatic taps are suitable for education, retail, home, public, offices, industrial and health care applications.

    Automatic Taps | New Product Lines

    We have introduced new control boxes for our sensor automatic taps to expand Autotaps product offering and adapt to the dynamic requirements we are beginning to see in different commercial and domestic niches. Our bold new designs are constructed using the highest quality standard and reliability.

    We are a one-stop source for electronic infrared sensor taps and nothing else. We only focus on sensor taps, which gives us the ability to create well-rounded high quality products.

    Infrared | The Technology

    Autotaps sensor taps incorporate state-of-the-art infrared technology that's stable, reliable with highest quality and fastest response time.

    Save More | Water Conservation

    All our taps feature water conservation of around 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM) with vandal-resistant body structure. They are drip-free designs, and electronically activated using state-of-the-art infrared technology activation.

    Innovative Designs

    We always ensure that we capture today’s design styles and trends, Autotaps products possesses ‘low arc’ and ‘high arc’, swivel-neck construction styles that gives our automatic taps a smooth, updated look to any style of sink.

    Autotaps Limited have designed and manufactured commercial solid brass taps, and we are today’s industry exclusive source for electronic taps, plumbing fixtures and accessories. We aim to supply commercial sector, industrial, health care, recreation, education, and restaurant markets worldwide.


    One technology that has had the biggest impact is infra red sensor. 
    The infra red sensors allow public restroom tap fixtures to operate without the user's ever touching a button, tap or the handle.

    They have been solid performers, and builders and architechs installed them in washrooms, kitchens, restuarants, schools, homes, offices etc, with an estimated 15 to 20 percent of new commercial buildings adopting the technology

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    WHY Choose AUTOTAPS?

    Everybody is driven by the growing concern over germs on toilets and washroom surfaces, and an increasing number of commercial, private, and public buildings are now installing automatic taps, flushers, cleaning systems, and other touch-free sensor devices. In addition to sanitation issues, other factors are also contributing to this trend. 

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